1/4 Beef – Deposit


This package is also a good mix at a great price! Approximately 100 finished pounds of grass-fed, grain-finished beef. We never use hormones or antibiotics on our cattle. Beef is aged 14 days during processing for the best balance of tenderness and flavor.

The final weight of 1/4 Beef orders average 100-120 pounds. Pricing for 1/4 Beef orders is $7.25/lb, so the base price for your order will be approximately $725-$870. Your deposit will be applied to the final total, and the base price does not include additional options.

  • Final purchase price is determined by the finished weight and any additional options purchased.
  • 1/4 beef fills approximately 5 cubic feet of freezer space.
  • Customized cut selection options prior to finishing.
  • Additional options (such as pre-made patties, marinades, etc) available with additional costs.
  • Pick up directly from our processors in the Central Texas area or contact us for other delivery options.

How It Works

Place your order
The $150 reserves your order for processing on our next processing date. Once we’ve received your order, we will keep in touch with you regarding the processing date of your beef.

Finalize your options
Thirty days before your order is ready, we will provide you with a cut sheet to make your cut selections, as well as additional options such as pre-made ground beef patties, marinated cuts, etc. Costs for additional options will be added to your final total price.

Pay your invoice
Remaining balances will be invoiced prior to your pickup date and can be made via PayPal.

Processing and Pickup
You will be notified when your order is ready for pickup from the processor. All cuts will be vacuum-sealed and labeled. Our processors are conveniently located in the Central Texas area or contact us for other delivery options.

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